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CSYience Solitaire

This PHP-enhanced HTML5 project is a small collection of solitaire card games that are played online. No downloads are required!

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Other Projects

Campaign Tech Simulator

This project is designed to simulate tech purchase costs, allowing Planets Nu players to deduce whether they can afford a given combination before commiting their Kin and Megacredits. It also contains a variety of bonus materials.

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CSYience Depot

This project houses my files, mainly maps, for the ManiaUniverse. 50% HTML + 50% XML = 100% PHP allows for the ability to view these files whether they be in a web browser (HTML), or in the respective game clients (XML)!

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This project is a collection of custom content and smaller projects all grouped together. Enjoy Neverball Clockwork and Puttworks Courses!

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Nu Replayer

This project is designed to view turns of completed Planets Nu games and see how the starmap actually develops over the course of the game. This project is currently in Alpha.

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