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Project News

Saratoga Update (Oct 13, 2020)

A fairly small update has been rolled out to CSYience Solitaire. Saratoga, a variant of Klondike, is now playable. We have also fixed some consistency in the text that displays when unable to select multiple cards.

End of the Year bug fixes (Dec 28, 2019)

We have rolled out a few bug fixes for CSYience Solitaire. The game list bubble should be more intuitive, and Escalator now shows obstructed cards face up like it used to before the Cascading Styles update.

Cascading Styles Update! (Nov 22, 2019)

We have rolled out another major update to CSYience Solitaire. This time, we have redone the rendering of the cards. Cards are now rendered in CSS, with a small splash of images.

To help test out our new style, we have opted to create a new card game while at it. Eight Off is now playable! Finally, we have added a new config page for our project, although we only have one option at present.