Technical Questions

What browsers should I use to play this site?

Although you can use nearly any browser, we recommend using a current stable version capable of HTML5.

Although the current version barely uses HTML5, many legacy elements remain in use even today.

What are the controls of this site?

Unlike other sites, this site uses point and click controls only. This has the side effect of making this site quite touch friendly, as all you have to do is just tap.

We will look into seeing how HTML5 pans out as far as controls are concerned. We may be able to address this.

Gameplay Questions

Where is the undo feature?

There is none as of yet, as the undo feature seems to be a tough cookie. You can, however, restart your game and try a different route, although this will not reset the timer.

What is a password?

The password system is used to seed shuffles. As long as they are, they can be shared with friends to encourage different routes.

Keep in mind that only when you start a new random game is it eligible for any game statistics. Games you play via the password feature do not qualify for statistics.

Why the passwords?

JavaScript does not support native seeding, so the password feature is the simplest alternative that provides the greatest flexibility.

Are games timed?

Yes, although the timer itself is invisible while you play. In fact, it is visible only when you win a qualifying game. You can receive credit for winning a single password no more than once.

Times greater than 30 minutes are not currently ranked at this time.