Configuration Options

Use the available configuration options to customize your experience. Configurations are saved automatically upon change.

Vertical fanning space

This setting determines how densely packed the cards are when fanned vertically.

(only ranks and color will be fully visible)
(ranks are fully visible - suits are partially visible)
(ranks and suits are fully visible)
Abandon game confirmation

This setting determines under which circumstances an "abandon game"-like prompt should be given for leaving incomplete games. Games which have a detection for when no legal moves remain will skip this prompt in case the game is lost as a result of running out of legal moves.

(always provide this prompt when applicable)
(skip this prompt for games which will not be saved to rankings)
(never provide this prompt)

This setting determines whether to cycle through the available cardbacks (one cardback per deck) each time a new game is started, or use a fixed cardback for all decks.