Legacy Random Courses

Back when Neverputt Calendar was a separate project, we tried our hand at random course tournaments that would open up regularly and also only last a limited amount of time before they would expire, ending their competitions.

Due to multiple issues that had arisen since version 1.6.0 got released in 2014, we did not see fit to continue supporting this feature. Thus, we left it in an indefinite stasis.

You are still welcome to play any of the courses that ever got released, grouped by season. The first four seasons were monthly seasons before we experimented with a quarterly season system. These courses require Neverputt 1.6.0 to play.

Available Random Courses

June 2014 Season
Celebratory 1.6.0 Tournament June 2014 Tournament II June 2014 Tournament III
July 2014 Season
July 2014 Tournament I July 2014 Tournament II July 2014 Tournament III
August 2014 Season
August 2014 Tournament I August 2014 Tournament II August 2014 Tournament III
September 2014 Season
September 2014 Tournament I September 2014 Tournament II September 2014 Tournament III
Autumn 2014 Season
October 2014 Tournament November 2014 Tournament December 2014 Tournament