Main Packages

Nu Replayer has two primary categories worth of files. Main Packages are required in order to run the program.

For now, we have only a single Lite package, containing both Windows binaries and FreeBASIC source code in a single package. This build is compatible with 0.27+ CSV files.

Package Size (B) SHA-256 Hash
Lite Package Version 0.28 (Alpha 19) 896,348 2140B0A8C8740B003B7351F13C992CC04C1C2C55752FD283B5389F44CEF3165B

Addon Packages

Addon Packages are suppliments designed to augment an existing installation. We have covered several championship matches already, and will cover more matches as they are completed.

Game Name Availability
The Scorpius War Download
The Taurus War Download
The Sagittarius War Download
The Aries War Download
The Capricorn War Download
The Leo War Download
The Gemini War Download
The Aquarius War Download
The Cancer War Download
The Pisces War Match incomplete
The Libra War Download
The Virgo War Match incomplete